EURO-TELEPATH “Telepathology Network in Europe”

COST Action IC0604

COST Action IC0604 Eortetelepath

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WG 1. Business modelling WG2. IT Standards WG3. Images WG 4. Technology
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EURO-TELEPATH “Telepathology Network in Europe”
COST Action IC0604

November 28th-29th, Warsaw, Poland

28th November 2008
Jointly with the Working Groups meetings:
WG3: Images: Analysis, Processing, Retrieval and Management
and WG4: Technology and Automation in Pathology

Meeting Pictures

WG3 and WG4 Meeting
Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Warsaw (Poland)
Friday, 28.Nov.2008. 14:00h – 18:30 h
WG3 – Images: Analysis, Processing, Retrieval & Management
WG4 – Technology & Automation in Pathology

14:00 - 14:10 Welcome.
14:10 - 15:50 WG3 activities for 2009
                       a. Image technology based on immunohistochemistry used by pathologists
                            for detection, classification and/or counting of cells and tissues.

                        b. Activities related to EPFL's planned research.

                        c. Training School on “Image J - Open Source tools for image Processing
                            and Analysis in Pathology” - aims and preliminary program.

15:50 - 16:10 Coffee break

16:10 - 18:00 WG4 activities for 2009
                         a. Automation in Pathology: Analysis of Scanning solutions for
                               Pathology microscopic slides.

                           b. Implementation of Interoperability between information systems
18:00 - 18:30 Open discussion
18:30 Closing


November 29th , 2008


WG1 proposal:
WG1 Pathology Business Modelling (current proposal) Pathology Business Modelling (current proposal)
(IHC has been added as a new business task in pathology. It seems it should have also a separate result - the IHC report)

Meeting venue:
National Research Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases
(Instytut Gruźlicy i Chorób Płuc)
Warsaw, Plocka 26, Poland

(Google map)

 Download Registration form Download Registration form

Basic instructions for authors Basic instructions for authors
Detailed “Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica” instructions for authors Detailed “Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica” instructions for authors

Workshop at the National Research Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases,

Hotel booking information:

*Hotel IBIS close to a venue of workshop (the Institute TB&LD) has been booked as free reservation until 19.11.2008.

The participants should mention a number of the reservation (Reservation number will be distributed in COST Action IC0604 e-mailing list)

Only written reservation including nr of reservation **can be sent to the hotel via FAX or e-mail.

** Hotel IBIS Warszawa Centrum
Al. Solidarnosci 165
00-876 Warszawa
Tel. +48 22 520 30 00
Fax. +48 22 520 30 30
e-mail:  //

The reservation is valid up till 19.11.2008. The reservation (only via FAX or e-mail) should contain the reservation number (you should receive this number by e-mail).

How to arrive:

The hotel is located only 15 min walking distance from the Institute of TB&Lung Diseases (see route).
The hotel IBIS Warszawa Centrum is situated on the corner of 2 streets: Al. Solidarności and Okopowa str. This location is only 15 min walking distance or 2 tramp stops [Tram No 26] from the Institute of TB&Lung Diseases. The tram stop is nearly in front of the hotel (on Al. Solidarności). Please notice that Al. Solidarnosci changes into street Wolska, which crosses with Plocka str.

The tram No 26 can also bring you to the Old Town (when You go to the opposite direction to the ITB&LG) along the Al. Solidarności (only 4 stops).

One ticket costs 2,90 PLN or daily ticket – 9,60 PLN (available at every kiosk).
The Polish currency is 1 zloty (PLN) = 100 groszy.
The current ratio is: 1 Euro : 3,50 PLN.

The recommended transportation from the airport F. Chopin – Warsaw, is taxi.
I would suggest you to call a local taxi SUPER TAXI 9622
                                                         or SUPER TAXI 9661 (this is the same taxi corporation).
                                                              Tel. +48 22 9622 (for foreign telephones).

I have made an easy reservation via telephone for You using “password”: Congress Cost. When booking taxi, please mention which terminal it is: terminal 2 (“dwa” in Polish) or terminal 1 ( “jeden” in Polish). The price is reasonable, about 25 – 45 PLN (depends on the time and a week-day). At airport the taxes arrived on the line 4 in front of the Arrival level (line 4 is reserved for taxes).

Some tourist information about Warsaw are available on address:

Contact information:

Prof. Janina Slodkowska (Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases),
Director of Pathology Department
Telepathology Department, tel. +48 22 4312 256, fax. +48 22 4312 452,





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