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WG 1. Business modelling WG2. IT Standards WG3. Images WG 4. Technology

EURO-TELEPATH “Telepathology Network in Europe”

COST Action IC0604

Working Group 4. Technology and Automation in Pathology

Related Scientific Program activities: Automation and Scanning solutions.

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4.1. Full study analysis of microscope brands.

4.2. Analysis of implementation of database engine, search facilities, and viewer modules of virtual slides database for clinical, educational and research purposes.

4.3. Study of integration of web-based telepathology services with the existing pathology information systems and the electronic health record of the patient.

4.4. Study of integration of multimedia communication tools.

4.5. Providing trustiness in managing confidential medical data and legal parameters to be included in the pathological image visualization standard.

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Main achievements:

WG4 Automation and Scanning Solutions and COST Action IC0604 Eurotelepath Download slides

Efficiency in scanning pathology slides

Standard digital slide viewer

Pathology Information Systems

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Next Meeting:

  • 3rd Joint MC and WGs meeting. Evora, Portugal. October 2-3, 2008.

  • 3rd WG3 (Images: Analysis, Processing, Retrieval & Management) and WG4 (Technology & Automation in Pathology) meeting and workshop. Warsaw, Poland. November 28-29, 2008.

29th November, 2008
Jointly with the Working Groups meetings:
WG3: Images: Analysis, Processing, Retrieval and Management
and WG4: Technology and Automation in Pathology
28th November 2008
Venue: National Research Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases,
Warsaw, Plocka 26.
National Research Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Warsaw. WORKSHOP on “QUANTITATIVE IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY IN DIGITAL PATHOLOGY”
First anouncement WG3 meeting November 2008 Warsaw First anouncement

Previous meetings:

Joint MC and WH meeting in Madrid

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[Top] [Objectives] [Main achievements] [Meetings] [References] [News] [Links] [Contact]


March 17, 2008. Patent For Virtual Telemicroscope
Virginia M. Anderson, MD, associate professor of pathology at SUNY Downstate, and Jiang Gu, MD, PhD, dean and chairman of pathology at Peking University, developed the virtual microscope system, the only one of its kind capable of emailing electronic slides. Using their patent, the Chinese company Motic — a global leader in microscope manufacturing — created a microscope with a robotic stage that scans whole slides at various magnifications and then creates compressed images that can be emailed all over the world.

April 28, 2008. Olympus has announced the sale of a complete tele-pathology solution to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Cancer Network
The advanced solution combines the unique properties of the Olympus dotSlide and intraScope systems to provide both real-time and virtual slide analysis as well as discussion capabilities

[More recent news on Digital Pathology]


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Contact information:

Dr. Marcial García Rojo (Spain) and Dr. Bernd Blobel (Germany). COST Action IC0604 WG4 Coordinators. 

Dr. Marcial Garcia Rojo
Servicio de Anatomia Patologica
Hospital General de Ciudad Real
C/ Tomelloso s/n. Poligono Larache
13005 Ciudad Real. Spain
Tfno. +34 926278000 extension 78867
          Mobile: +34 638227070
Fax: +34 926278586

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