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WG 1. Business modelling WG2. IT Standards WG3. Images WG 4. Technology

EURO-TELEPATH “Telepathology Network in Europe”

COST Action IC0604

Working Group 2. Informatics Standards in Pathology

Related Scientific Program activities: DICOM, HL7, IHE, JPEG-JPEG2000, SNOMED, CEN

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2.1. Study the adaptation requirements to use JPEG 2000 in DICOM

2.2. Propose DICOM headings to enable JPEG 2000 wrappings.

2.3. Participation in covered standards bodies and initiatives.

2.4. Edition of implementation guide using DICOM standard.

2.5. Liaising with European and national scientific societies, external working groups.

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Main achievements:


JPEG / Advanced Image Coding (AIC) mailing list:


All documents are available at IHE wiki (

WG2 Standards and COST Action IC0604 Eurotelepath Download slides

Standards (HL7, DICCOM) and IHE

Standards and COST Action IC0604

IHE Planning Committee


45th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 Meeting, 2008-07-07 – 2008-07-11, Poitiers, France

Press ReleasePress Release  
(available at:



Coding of Still Pictures

News from the JPEG plenary of last week at occasion of which COST IC0604 was presented by Prof. Ebrahimi / EPFL to the JPEG plenary audience on July 9th.

Prof. Ebrahimi has informed us that the JPEG community has well received the information on the COST Action, and that JPEG is looking forward to contributions from COST IC0604 in the projects JPSearch, and JPEG 2000, whereas it is drawing the attention of members of COST IC0604 to the JPEG XR and AIC image compression activities and encourages further inputs in these projects as well from IC0604.

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CEN - European Committee for Standardization

CEN - Exploiting Research Through Standardization. A best practice guide Exploiting Research Through Standardization. A best practice guide


Next Meetings:

  • DICOM Working Group 26 (Pathology) Meeting Information

    Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008
    Time: 8am-12 noon
    Location: San Diego, California
            Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego
            Room – Mohsen A/B  (Harbor Tower, Level 3)
    This meeting is being held in conjunction with the CAP ’08 Conference.  Attendance is open to all interested parties.  You do not need to register for the CAP ’08 Conference in order to attend the working group meeting.

    Hotel and conference information is available here:


  • 3rd Joint MC and WGs meeting. Evora, Portugal. October 2-3, 2008.

Previous meetings:

Minutes of the WG2 (Informatics Standards)  COST Action IC0604 Eurotelepath [Minutes] Minutes of the second meeting of the WG2 (Informatics Standards in Pathology) of COST Action IC0604 in Toledo May 16th, 17th 2008

Slides of the Joint IHE Pathology - COST Action IC0604 (Eurotelepath) WG2 (Informatics Standards in Pathology) meeting [Slides Slides of the IHE Pathology-COST IC604 joint meeting in Toledo (17th 2008)

Joint meeting with DICOM-WG26


Toledo. 9th European Congress on Telepathology.
WG2 Meeting in Toledo, Spain, during the 9th European Congress on Telepathology.


  • IC0604: Workplan July08-June09 for WG2

  • IHE principles and new governance, IHE wiki

  • WG2-WG1 relationships (Dr T.Schrader- Dr C.Daniel)

  • Brief proposals for IHE 2009-10 cycle

  • Other points (Implementation guides/User hand book DICOM, HL7, IHE ; Glossary)

  • Next WG2 meetings and workshops

[Slides]   [Minutes]

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Joint MC and WH meeting in Madrid

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7 feb 2008. Practical information to participate to Common Terminology Services 2 (CTS2):

The weekly meeting on Thursday are now open to European participation:

When : Occurs every Thursday effective 1/31/2008 until 5/17/2008 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada). Where: 702-894-2444 / 598745

You will find at  all information about HSSP and CTS2 and the practical information about agenda and meetings is at :

Please, click here to download the last version of Service Functional Model (SFM) of CTS2 Service.

It is also useful to subscribe to HL7 Vocabulary list (go to  go to "List Services" and choose the list "Vocabulary" (be careful : about more than 10 messages per day!))

Links of interest

Contact information:

Dr. Christel Daniel (France) and Dr. Bernd Blobel (Germany). COST Action IC0604 WG2 Coordinators. 

Dr Christel DANIEL (MD, PhD, MCU-PH) - Tél: (33) 6 60 48 41 33
DIH-HEGP - APHP - 20 rue Leblanc -PARIS 15 - tél: (33) 1 56 09 20 30 - fax: 20 52
INSERM UMRS 872, eq. 20 Université René Descartes PARIS FRANCE- tél: (33) 1 42 34 69 83

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