6th Internet World Congress for Biomedical Sciences
February 14-25, 2000

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A Word of Thanks from Congress President


Hospital Ciudad Real

On behalf of the Hospitalary Complex of Ciudad Real it is a great honor for us to to extend a very warm welcome to all the participants in this Congress. We would like to invite you to participate actively,  to enjoy it and to take advantage of the proceedings and all the possibilities that this on-line conference offers to all of us.

Francisco de Paula Rodriguez Perera
Manager Director
Hospitalary Complex of Ciudad Real

insalud1.gif (1045 bytes) INSALUD

INABIS Advisor

Henry Szechtman, Ph.D.As Congress President of  INABIS 98, the last of the 20th century, I extend my greetings to INABIS 2000, the  first Internet Congress for Biomedical Sciences of the new Millennium.

The innovations implemented by Congress President,  Dr. Marcial Garcia, and the Organizing Committee to enhance the virtual environment and make poster submission easier and more user friendly, makes this meeting accessible to an even broader audience.  The scientific scope of presentations contributed by  participants from all over the world is most impressive.  I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Welcome Party and to "hearing" your comments on the discussion boards.   Enjoy your visit to sunny Spain! 
Henry Szechtman, Ph.D.
Psychiatry and Behavioural Neuroscience
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

INABIS Founder

Dr. Sumio Murase

The INABIS project which we initiated in 1994 is growing beautifully with the support of many scientists. The INABIS 98 (Dr. Henry Szechtman, Congress President) was introduced
 in SCIENCE : Biomedical Gabfest a Rousing Success. Science. 283: 7, 1999. Today, we have a brilliant web site organized by Dr. Marcial Garcia, INABIS2000 President. Presentation and Discussion systems are working elegantly. This is the net conference.




For further information or comments, please contact:
Marcial Garcia, INABIS2000 President
Dept of Pathology
Hospital of Ciudad Real
Avda Pio XII s/n
13002 Ciudad Real, SPAIN
Tel: +34 926 213444 Ext 184
FAX: +34 926 210298