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The spectrum of basal cell lesions of the prostate.


Dra. E. Redondo, Dr. R. Camacho, Dr. A. Rey, Dr. B. Báez, Dr. JL. Afonso.

Department of Pathology. Hospital Ntra. Sra. del Pino. Las Palmas. Spain.

Address: C/ Angel Guimerá, 95
35005 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. España

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Besides the conventional basal cell hyperplasia (BCH) in the prostate, there are other infrequent variants of BCH, rare basal cell lesions of neoplastic origin, with or without histologic aggressive features, with pending classification . We present a basal cell adenoid tumor (adenoid cystic-like tumor), that was diagnosed in a transurethral resection of a patients with glandular-stromal hyperplasia.

We describe the characteristics of this typical case, and we give a proposal on these lesions in order to obtain a greater consensus: It is based on three items:

  1. Most (if not all) of the basal cell lesions are benign and they do not originate any change in the treatment or the prognosis for the patients.
  2. There is a spectrum of lesions starting with the conventional BCH, including florid BCH (extensive, exuberant), nodular (or basal cell adenoma), atypical (with nuclear changes that suggest malignancy), basal cell adenoid tumor (adenoid cystic-like tumor), and ending with the lesions that although they are similar to the ones already mentioned, thy show morphologic aggressive features (extensive infiltration of the normal prostate tissue, extension to the extracapsular tissues, perineural invasion, necrosis, stromal desmoplasia).
  3. No basal cell tumor has been described to metastatize or kill the patient because of a local aggressive growth.
  4. It seems that there is no prostatic counterpart of the adenoid cystic carcinoma as it is described in the salivary glands.

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Key Words: Basal cell Hiperplasia, Prostate, Basal Cell Adenoid Tumor

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