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Histopathological findings in the Inflammatory Bowel Disease in 4 Spanish areas.


M. Butrón*, E. Brullet**, A. de la Fuente*, C. de Luaces*, X. Andreu**, JF. Martínez-Salmerón***, J. Riera****, V. Ruiz-Ochoa*, J. Pérez-Villanueva*.

Hospitales Xeral, Meixoeiro y Povisa de Vigo*, Hospitales de Sabadell**, Motril*** Y Mallorca****. Spain.

Address: Dra. Mercedes Butrón Vila . Hospital Xeral de Vigo
Pizarro, 22
36204 Vigo (Pontevedra). Spain.

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A prospective study on inflammatory bowel disease was performed in Spain during two years. This study was part of the European multicentric study EC-IBD. The study included the areas of Vigo, Sabadell, Mallorca and Motril.

The included histopathological parameters were:

  1. Diffuse inflammation of the mucosa.
  2. Atrophy / architectural distortion.
  3. Intense goblet cells deplection
  4. Moderate number of crypt abscess
  5. Discontinuous inflammation
  6. Ulcerated lymphoid follicles
  7. Fissures
  8. Granulomas. Criteria for endoscopic biopsies.

The total number of cases (endoscopic biopsies) were 314, including ulcerative colitis (CU) in 60.83 %, Crohn´s disease (EC) in 38.53%, and undetermined colitis in 0.64%.

A 63 - 83% of the cases of CU accomplished the first four mentioned criteria in the cases. And a 16% of the EC cases also showed the same characteristics criteria of the CU.

A 10 - 40% of the cases of EC showed the last four criteria, but only a 1,8% of the biopsies of CU showed those EC characteristic criteria.

There were some percentile differences in the parameters depending on the areas, which we assume that were due to interobserver different evaluation of subjective parameters. However, the criteria applied in the European study have been of great value in the histological grading of the inflammatory bowel disease.

MercedesMercedes Butrón M.D. was born in Madrid; she did her Pathology specility at Fundación Jiménez Díaz in Madrid. She obtained a grant to asisst Hospital Sint Rafaël in Lovaina (Bélgica) with Prof. Desmet. Afterwards, she did her Doctoral Thesis "Histopathological findings in hepatitis B treated with Interferon", guided by Dr. Santiago Ramón y Cajal Agüeres and Prof. H. Oliva Aldamiz. Nowadays, she is staff patholist at Hospital Xeral in Vigo and she is President of the Galician Regional of the Spanish Society of Pathology. She lives in Bayona.

E. Brullet M.D. is Gastroenterologist at Hospital Parc Taulí in Sabadell. A. de la Fuente M.D. is pathologist at Policlínico Vigo S.A. C. de Luaces M.D. is pathologist at the Hospital Meixoeiro in Vigo. X. Andreu is pathologist at Hospital Parc Taulí in Sabadell. J.F. Martínez Salmerón M.D. is Gastroenterologist at Hospital de Motril. J. Riera M.D. is Gastroenterologist at Hospital Son Dureta in Palma de Mallorca. V. Ruiz Ochoa M.D. is Gastroenterologist at Policlínico Vigo S.A. J. Pérez Villanueva M.D. pathologist at Complejo Hospitalario Xeral-Cíes in Vigo.

Bayona es the natal woth of Pinzón brothers and is the port where "La Pinta" arrived in 1493.


Key Words: Inflmmatory Bowel Disease, EC-IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Histopathology.

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