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Congreso Virtual sobre Anatomía Patológica

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The Virtual Slide Congress of Pathology

The first Internet Virtual Slide Congress is an opportunity to exchange experiences and share best practices in the use of virtual slides in Pathology.

Instead of using representative fields, Pathology cases will be presented capturing and storing the entire slide. Visitors are provided with navigation tools to move around a slide, and changing powers as desired. This approach has been termed virtual microscopy, and we are convinced it will become a most valuable continuing medical education tool.

Virtual Slides

You can also participate in the 7th Virtual Hispano-American Congress of Pathology

Oganized by

Hospital General de Ciudad Real       
The ISA Group of the ETSI Industriales of the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM), Spain, has developed a viewer for pathology digital slides. See prototype

Discussion and comments

During the active phase of the congress (October 1st-November 10th), every virtual slide is linked to a discussion forum in order visitors to participate with comments to the case, and authors contribute with additional relevant information.

Official language of the congress is English.

Free congress The First Virtual Slides Congress (1 VSC) is a free congress for authors and visitors. No registration fee is applied. Authors are not be charged for the digitization of their slides.




Organizing Committee

  • President: Marcial García Rojo. Pathology Dept. Hospital of Ciudad Real. Spain. Editor-in-chief of the Spanish Journal of Pathology. Councilor of the Spanish Society of Pathology
  • Coordinator: Jesús González García. Pathology Dept. Hospital of Ciudad Real. Spain.


  • Luis Alfaro Ferreres. Pathology Dept. Hospital 9 de Octubre. Valencia. laf9[arroba]
  • Gloria Bueno García. Idustrial Engineering School. Castilla La Mancha University. Gloria.Bueno[arroba]
  • Manuel Carbajo Vicente. Head of the Department of Pathology. Pathology Dept. Hospital of Ciudad Real. Spain. mcvicente[arroba]
  • María Jesús Coma del Corral. Research Unit. Hospital General Yagüe. Burgos. Spain. Uninet Coordinator. mjcoma[arroba]
  • Margarita Delgado Portela. Pathology Dept. Hospital of Ciudad Real. Spain. mdelgado[arroba]
  • Rafael López Pérez. Patholgy Dept. Hospital of Ciudad Real. Spain. rafaell[arroba]
  • Francisco Martín Dávila. Pathology Dept. Hospital of Ciudad Real. Spain. fjmartin[arroba]
  • Ernesto Moro Rodríguez. Health Sciences School. King Juan Carlos University. Alcorcón, Madrid, Spain. Coordinator of the Applied Informatics Club of the Spanish Society of Pathology (SEAP). jemoro[arroba]
  • Manuel Nevado Santos. Pathology Unit. Hospital Alcorcon Foundation. Alcorcón, Madrid. Spain. mnevado[arroba]
  • Carlos Peces. SESCAM Pathology Innovation Center in Information Technologies. cpeces[arroba]
  • María Luisa Rico Morales. Pathology Dept. Gutiérrez Ortega Hospital. Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real. Spain mlrico[arroba]
  • Miguel Ángel Sánchez Ramos. Pathology Dept. Materno-Insular Hospital of Las Palmas. Canary Islands. Spain. msanchez[arroba]

Technical team of the Castilla La Mancha University

  • José Luis Moraga Alcázar. Director of Technology and Communication Area. joseluis.moraga[arroba]
  • Manuel Díaz-Marta Puentes. Web Programmer mdmarta[arroba]
  • Demetrio Sánchez Hernández. Web Design. demetrio.sanchez[arroba]



Digital Slides solutions

The followings institutions are collaborating in the scanning process and web presenta5tion of the cases presented at the First Internet Virtual Slide Congress. We are very grateful to all of them for their invaluable collaboration. Please visit their web sites to obtain more information about these solutions.

Institution Solution Web site
Univ. Tampere, Finland
Univ. Helsinki, Finland
Univ. Castilla La Mancha E.T.S.I. Industriales. Control, Systems and Signals Processing Engineering Group (ISA) SEPIA project UCLM-ISA Group
Virtual Slide viewer
Aperio Technologies Inc. ScanScope
Olympus Europe

LifeSpan Biosciences Alias

Access Virtual Slides



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