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The Virtual Slide Congress of Pathology: Viewer prototype

The Control, Systems and Signals Processing Engineering Group (ISA) of the Superior Technical Industrial Engineering School of the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM) has developed a viewer for pathology digital slides.

The following examples are available:


We recommend you to test the annotation capabilities of the system!


UCLM-ISAThe UCLM-ISA project is called “SEPIA project” and it main aim is to develop a microscopy imaging system based on the total digitalisation of histological and cytological slides. This will be a valuable tool to improve the diagnosis by image analysis and processing for Pathology. To this aim new segmentation techniques that joint morphological, geometrical and topological information of the structures or regions of interest and accommodate their significant variation to the pathology will be developed. The 3D extension of these techniques for the statistical modelization of the structures and the research on new 3D reconstruction ones will be explored for biopsies and autopsies processing. Moreover, a decision-making system will be developed for the automatic classification of the slides.

The viewer is implemented using whole slide processing techniques, and no tiles (fragments) of the digitized slides are created.

More information:

Some of the slides presented at the I Virtual SLide Congress are presented using the UCKM-ISA viewer.

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