II Spanish-American Virtual Congress of Pathology

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1 of June to 31 of July of 1998

Declared of Sanitary Interest by the Council of Health of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha

Organized by:

Hospitals Materno-Insular of the Palms of Great Canary

Hospitals of Ciudad Real

"Virgen de la Concha" Hospital of Zamora


With the sponsorship of:

Sociedad Española de Anatomía Patológica Club of Applied Computer Science of the Spanish Society of Pathology
Sociedad Española de Informática de la Salud Section of Pathology of the Spanish Society of Computer Science of the Health
Sociedad LatinoAmericana de Patología Latin American Society of Pathology
Spanish Society of Cytology


And the Collaboration of:

Universidad Castilla La Mancha Computer Center of the University of Castilla-La Mancha
CICEI Computer Science Center and of Communications of the Building of Engineerings of the University of Las Palmas

Communications center CSIC RedIRIS
Academic and Investigation Spanish network.


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Official School of Doctors of Ciudad Real


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