II Spanish-American Virtual Congress of Pathology
1 of June to 31 of July,  1998

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Date limit for the shipment of Works: 15 of May, 1998

Message of Welcome of the Organizing Committee

The organizing Committee of II the Spanish-American Virtual Congress of Pathology gives you the welcome to this meeting in the Network. The good results that had the I Spanish-American Virtual Congress of Pathology, has animated us to celebrate this second Congress, establishing therefore an annual regularity in these Virtual Congresses.

This year, our main objectives are:

This year, we requested excuses to you beforehand by the possible technical errors again that they can arise, because we continued trying to learn the suitable way of using these new technologies.

We hope that you enjoy and they take advantage of the contents the congress.

Be welcome to II the Spanish-American Virtual Congress of Pathology.



Minister of Health

President of Parlament of Castilla-La Mancha

Rector of Castilla-La Mancha University

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