New effective ways of delivering medical care is required to control :

a) Rapid expansion of costs ( 25% / 10 years in US )

b) Growing demand from ageing

In spite that Technology is present and efficiency is directly associated to the Information Society there are constrains that limit the real use

a) Link to Economy

b) Link to Social acceptance

  1. No reimboursements
  2. Failure to desing mission oriented telemedicine policies, this include :
    1. Lack of training personell
    2. Lack of knowledge link to Telemedicine
    3. Organizational problems ( see chapter 9 ) that include
      • Easy scheduling
      • Easy use
      • Efficient work enviroment
      • Apropiate maintenance
    4. Satisfaction of participants
    5. Lack of phorums to discused Telemedicine on the every-day work
  3. Failure link to Transfer Technology to achieve a critical mass of users
    1. Lack of serious cost/benefit analysis
    2. Lack of clear active legislation policy as well as promotion to use available standards


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