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INABIS 2000 conclusions will be presented in Spain at the II National Conference on Health and Internet (II Jornadas Nacionales de Internet en Salud), to be held in Madrid, April 5-7, 2000.

InforSaludNet 2000


Virtual Congresses

First Virtual Congress of Cardiology. The Congress will be held on the Internet between October 1st, 1999, and April 1st,  2000, and is organized by the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC). Access to the different activities will be obtained through the Web, E-mail and IRC (chat) and will be free of charge. Deadline Abstracts 30th June 1999. URL:

Scientific Secretary:
Argentine Federation of Cardiology
Courreges 40
3100 Parana - Entre Rios - Argentina
Phone: 54 43 223763
Fax: 54 43 223763
Prof. Dr. Armando Pacher ( President. Steering Committee
Prof. Dr. Emilio Kuschnir ( President. Scientific Committee
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First International Congress on Critical Care Medicine in Internet. November 1, to December 15, 1.999. The purpose of a International Congress of Critical Care Medicine, is updating concepts, technologies and the recent advances in the critically ill patient's control. Deadline Abstracts 31th August 1999. URL:


I International Congress of Neuropsychology in the Internet. November 1, to December 15, 1.999. With the objective to share and to spread experiences, to facilitate the relations among professionals and to encourage communication in the field of the Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, the Unit of cimc99.jpg (16925 bytes)Dementias and Neuropsychology of the Hospital La Fe of Valencia, the University of Seville, UniNet, and the Research Unit of the General Hospital Yagüe of Burgos, with the altruistic collaboration of other organizations, have set out to organize this , for professionals involved in disciplines related to neuropsychology. Deadline Abstracts 31th July 1999. URL:


EuroTransMed Foundation. The European Forum for Continuing Medical Education. On-line conferences (Real Audio). ETM delivers international symposia on a range of topics into hospitals by television satellite. URL:


European Health Telematics Observatory
EHTO Coordinator: Maria Laires

Dr. Francisco G. La Rosa
TelePathology Consultants, PC. Denver, Colorado EE.UU


BioMedNet's HMS Beagle

HMS Beagle's articles cover crucial topics in biomedical sciences. It also includes a comprehensive resource for employment opportunities and career guidance.
See article about INABIS 2000



I Virtual Congress of GynecologyOther Virtual Congresses in Spanish:


First Hispano-American Virtual Congress of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. The Spanish Society of Gynaecology (SEGO), in its CXXV anniversary, organizes this first virtual congress of the speciality, from March, 15th March to May 31st, 2000. URL: Free registration.


logoiiicv.gif (4428 bytes)Third Hispano-American Virtual Congress of Pathology. This is the third edition of the Virtual Congress that was a scientific landmark in Spanish language and Pathology. Deadline Abstracts 31th December 1999. The Congress will be held during February and March, 2000. URL: Inquiries:

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First Virtual Congress of Psychiatry. Organized by From February 1th to March 15th, 2000. During this period, registration will be open. Abstracts will be accepted until November, 30th. Deadline for complete presentations is 31st December, 1999. More information: URL:  


Nephrology Virtual Congress

First Ibero-American Congress on Nephrology in Internet. "cin2000". February 15th to March 15th, 2000. The structure of this congress will be similar to conventional ones, with conferences imparted by invited professionals, free presentations, posters,discussion forums, courses, etc. URL:  


First Virtual Congress of Veterinary Image Diagnosis. Organized by the Spanish Association of Veterinarians specialist in Image Diagnosis. This Congress will last two years, and will be participating physicians and other professionals. This Congress will have an important effect in our way to understand scientific meetings, and, furthermore, all presentations will be compiled in the 2nd AEVEDI CD-ROM. Registration and participation are both free. URL:

Veterinary Congress
Andrés J. Flores Alés,
Veterinary Virtual Congress Coordinator
Avda. America, 7. 29006-Malaga (Spain)
Phone & Fax +34 952 31 44 27.
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These places have listed an announcement of the INABIS Conference at their web site:

For further information or comments, please contact:
Marcial Garcia, INABIS2000 President
Dept of Pathology
Hospital of Ciudad Real
Avda Pio XII s/n
13002 Ciudad Real, SPAIN
Tel: +34 926 213444 Ext 184
FAX: +34 926 210298