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Purkinje cell hamartoma (Histiocytoid cardiomyopathy). Study of a case in an 18 months infant.

Marcial Garcia-Rojo, Carlos Gamallo, Felipe Moreno

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Materials & Methods

Picture 1


The histological examination of the lesion showed large polygonal cells, that were mainly located in the subendocardium. These cells had large amount of cytoplasm, that was clear and with PAS positive inclusions, and with irregular nuclei (fig. 1).

PAS x 200 Fig. 1. PAS x 200

With PTAH (Phosphotungstic acid hematoxylin) stain, a lack of striations was observed in the cells that were part of the lesion. However, normal muscle fibers showed a normal pattern of stainning (figs. 2 y 3).

PTH x40 Fig. 2. PTH x 40

Fig. 3. PTH x 200


Ultrastructurally, a large amount of mitochondria were found.


Material y Métodos

Picture 1